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There has never been a better time for home owners to sell their home in the GTA. The price hike is historic and unprecedented. However, if you are planning on selling and buying another home in the GTA, you must do your homework before taking the next step. As you sell for high price you will be paying high price for your next home, that is if you are lucky to find one.
If moving out of town to the suburbs or smaller cities around the GTA is an option then you are in much better position to sell.
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  • Home prices in the last 12 months have gone up by 30% in the GTA. This includes an average price hike for homes and condos.

  • Combined homes and condo prices 12 months prior to March of 2016 gone up by 17%

  • Inventory of condos in Toronto have dropped by 50% compared to same time last year.

  • Number of homes listed on Toronto Real Estate Board in Mid March of this year has dropped by 75% compared to last year

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